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Zen Stones


I am Jeanette Vo-Vu, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and founder of Wise Mind LCSW. I am passionate about DISCOVERY, GROWTH & TRANSFORMATION. 

My Story

This is why I founded Wise Mind LCSW where I encourage discoveries, facilitate growth, and support transformations.      Wise Mind LCSW provides mental health services and support for individuals, couples, and families to discover peace and joy through life challenging moments.

We encourage the mental health professional's growth through mentorships, internships, clinical supervision, and career counseling.  Wise Mind LCSW also supports mental healthcare system's organizational transformative endeavors to fine tune your clinical and task centers' operations. 

Our 'ideal' clients are individuals, couples, families, aspiring mental health professionals, and mental healthcare organizations who are ready and committed to changing themselves, their relationships, their professional outlook, and their organization's processes will journey with you and bear witness to the changes you make through self discovery. 

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